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Hey ya'll! I want to tell you about some great products from ONNIT. When I am working on new music or I need to concentrate while playing a show I take Alpha Brain. It helps keep me mentally focused. I also use their Steel Mace when I need to get a workout in and don't have a lot of time. Click on the links below and check out all of their great products!!! 

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​February 16th

Threadgill's World HQ

7 PM

February 23rd

Saxon Pub

10 PM (Full Band)

March 3rd

Rodeo Austin

BBQ Cook Off

Coco Moo Cookers Tent

7 PM

​March 10th

Wagner's Backyard

8 PM

March 15th

Saxon Pub

​SXSW Day Show

​4 PM

March 17th

Moontower Saloon

8 PM (Full Band)

March 24th

​Pflutto's Tavern

​9 PM W/Jordan Lee

April 6th

Saxon Pub ABIA

3 PM

April 12th

Lustre Pearl 

94 Rainey St

W/ Arron McDonnell

​8 PM

April 22nd

Saxon Pub

​6 PM (Full Band)

May 19th

Moontower Saloon

8 PM (Full Band)

June 17th

Moontower Saloon

8 PM (Full Band)